How to Use a CBD Muscle Rub

If you’re into sports or have a busy job that requires a lot of movement, chances are you’ve experienced sore muscles at some point. CBD can help ease stiffness and discomfort by supporting your body’s natural recovery process.

Cbd balm rubs (also known as cbd balm) are specially formulated to penetrate deeper into your skin and deliver pain relief directly to the source of the discomfort. Unlike CBD oil and tinctures which have to pass through your digestive system to reach your muscles, balms allow for targeted pain relief that works fast.

To use a cbd balm, take a small scoop of the product and warm it in your hands or fingers before applying to the area of discomfort. Rub the balm into sore muscles in circular motions to ease discomfort. You can apply a cbd balm as often as needed for quick-acting results.

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The best cbd products include ingredients that nourish and condition your skin. This helps reduce excess shine and controls oil production to keep your skin smooth, soft and supple.

We’ve infused our cbd balm with nourishing shea butter, arnica and aloe vera for extra skin-loving benefits. We also added cooling peppermint to give your tired muscles a revitalizing sensation. Apply the balm before your workout to prep your muscles or massage it into your sore limbs after you’ve finished exercising for an extra boost of recovery. The non-sticky formula of our Muscle Rescue makes it easy to use at home or the gym – just apply a scoop before you stretch out your tight muscles and get ready for the workout of your life.

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