Refreshing Menthol Cigarettes and Their Alluring Appeal to Young Women

Refreshing Menthol Cigarettes

Refreshing Menthol Cigarettes have been a key element in tobacco and vaping products for years because it offers smokers a cool minty sensation that provides them with a refreshing smoking experience. It also increases the sensation of pleasure in the throat and decreases the sensitivity to pain and discomfort inhaled from smoking. The distinctive taste and sensory experience of menthol cigarettes have contributed to their continuing popularity in spite of the growing body of research that highlights the serious risks associated with smoking.

To explore menthol cigarettes and their alluring appeal to young women, this article reports on the findings from six in-person focus groups conducted with a convenience sample of YAs who reported that they smoked mentholated cigarettes. Three of the focus groups were conducted exclusively with black YAs (based on their self-report during telephone screening) and moderated by a professional African American facilitator. The remaining four focus groups were conducted with participants of all racial/ethnic backgrounds and were moderated by the study’s principal investigator.

Chill with Every Inhale: Discovering the Refreshing World of Menthol Cigarettes

Across all six focus groups, the core category that emerged was ‘Freshness with Flavour’. This encompassed all the themes and sub-themes identified in the data, including menthol’s coolness, smell, flavour and sensation. The finding that menthol’s cooling, smell and sensation qualities are perceived to be more than a flavour indicates that marketing strategies for these cigarettes have been designed to appeal not only to taste and enjoyment but to socially relevant dimensions of in-group identity as well.

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