Romanian Worker in France


Interim romania franta is, along with Germany and the United Kingdom, one of the main destinations for Romanian physicians. Since Romania’s EU accession, the number of Romanian physicians working in France has increased rapidly, and today they rank first among foreign medical doctors with a European degree working in that country. This migration is a source of tension in both countries, since for Romania it entails a major brain drain.

Yet in many cases, the arrival of Romanian physicians in French rural areas is a long-cherished dream come true for local French actors who consider them “country doctors.” These physicians are expected to take over the continuity of healthcare in certain remote rural zones and psychiatric hospitals inherited from former lunatic asylums, and to ensure that the local population can continue to receive good quality health care.

Integration and Contribution: The Experience of Romanian Workers in France

The recent surge in Romanian workers in France comes as a result of several changes in the rules governing labor mobility within the European Union. The French government has recently loosened restrictions on the type of jobs that Romanian and Bulgarian citizens can hold. It has also canceled a tax that employers must pay to recruit workers from these two countries.

These changes have been opposed by the governments of Eastern European nations like Romania and Poland, which fear that they will lose their competitive edge in hiring workers at lower wages than Western European states can afford to pay. President Emmanuel Macron, meanwhile, is seeking to overhaul the system that allows “posted workers” from Eastern Europe to earn less than they would in their home country and still be considered part of the European labor force.

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