Twitter Ad Campaign Examples

Twitter Ad Campaign Examples

With one of the Twitter Ad Campaign Examples average cost-per-action (CPCs in paid social) for reach and brand awareness, Twitter is an advertising powerhouse. It also offers the flexibility to tailor campaigns to meet specific goals. For example, you can run a campaign to drive app downloads, app re-engagements or website conversions. To create a Twitter Ad campaign, start on the ad menu screen and select your objective.

Next, choose a creative type. Twitter offers multiple formats, including promoted tweets, X ads and followers ads. Promoted tweets allow you to highlight your message in the timeline and encourage people to take action by clicking or retweeting. X ads, formerly Twitter Moment Ads, offer a storytelling experience that is greater than a single tweet. These are great for sharing important events, new product launches or highlighting customer success stories. Follower ads are designed to encourage brand loyalty and increase your following on Twitter.

Then, define your audience to show your ad to the most relevant people. You can use Twitter’s audience targeting options for demographics, interests, movies and TV, conversations, keywords, device types, and location.

Inspiring Twitter Advertising Examples: Learning from Success Stories

When creating your ad, remember that users are quick to swipe on Twitter, so your headline and ad copy need to be short and impactful. LEGO, for instance, uses just a few words and an emoji in their ad to quickly capture attention. You can also use visuals to convey your message and stand out in the feed. Kikkoman demonstrates this in their ad, which uses an image and a few words to showcase their sticky-sweet grilled chicken skewer recipe.

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