Visalia Dispensary Must Adopt New Law to Allow Delivery-Only Medical Marijuana Businesses

Visalia Dispensary — While nearby cities like Tulare and Farmersville have embraced cannabis products, the City of Visalia has banned commercial marijuana sales. But a new state law requires cities to adapt their ordinances so they can allow delivery-only medical marijuana businesses. That means Visalia must make a change in 2024 or face possible legal action. Known as SB 1186, the law was passed in 2016 and states that a person with a valid doctor’s recommendation can grow or dispense cannabis for medical purposes. But the act also requires dispensaries to follow strict regulatory guidelines in order to shield their operators from criminal prosecution for selling or transporting marijuana.

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A delivery-only business would not have a physical storefront and can only offer deliveries to people with valid IDs and a medical marijuana card or state-issued identification card. They are also required to keep their locations private and secure. But it will also mean that Visalia residents will be able to buy cannabis from other cities with retail outlets without paying the local sales tax.

That could create a big hole in the city’s budget, especially if the sales tax is approved by voters in November 2024. Councilman Greg Collins said he fears Visalia residents are already traveling to pot-friendly cities to purchase their cannabis products, which means the city loses out on local revenue. That’s why he suggested a tax that would include 2% for police, 2% for fire and 3% for emergency needs.

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